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"As my baby grows my love for my baby grows stronger."


The Importance of Practising Yoga during Pregnancy

Yoga Asana's, Meditation and relaxation techniques will make a woman happier, calmer, healthier, and more resilient to external challenges that can interrupt the flow of oxytocin "the love drug" to the mother and baby. The aim of the yoga practise during pregnancy is to strengthen her health and spiritual powers as well as to increase her wisdom of her body and the changes that naturally take place during this transformative time.

One of the most important aspects of life is Prana - Life Force - the organic energy that forms the currents of the subtle body, the life force of all creation. A woman's breath, will send a powerful force of consciousness to the placenta - the baby's advocate and will move the baby into formation in all aspects: physical, emotional and spiritual. Conscious breathing will help a woman to calm her mind and her baby and the mechanisms that she uses will not only aid her for the birthing process, but will also maintain her oxytocin levels.


deepaspirit recommends the following books for pregnancy:

  • Yoga for pregnancy, birth and beyond - Francoise Freedman
  • The Gentle Birth Method - Dr Gowri Motha


Links for more information:
Michele Odent (My Mentor and inspiration for my pre-natal classes) (Independent Midwife)

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