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deepaspirit yoga classes are based on an ancient and authentic form of classical yoga known more commonly today as Hatha Yoga "Ha" corresponding to the Sun - the masculine and "Tha" corresponding to the moon - the feminine.

This union between the solar (sun) and lunar (moon) has deep spiritual and philosophical context and will form the basis of your yoga practice.
The classes will allow you to move at your own rhythm and shift between dynamic and still asanas (postures) with an integration of fluidity into movement.

Fluidity within asanas occurs when we focus specifically on the breath, every movement is initiated through an awareness of integrating the functions of mind, body and breath in the same frame. As we move with this awareness we can then really begin to explore the underlying meaning of Hatha Yoga, where movement in one direction is conunterposed with a movement in the opposite direction, as this evolves the systematic method of Vinyasa Krama Yoga will then be applied.

Vinyasa Krama Yoga is when each movement is linked to the next one by a succession of specific transitional movements, synchronised with the breath. The mind closely follows the slow, smooth, deliberate yogic breathing, and the yoking of mind and body takes place with the breath acting as the harness.

These concepts and foundations are taken from the teachings of Shiva Rea, a leading yogini and Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher.
Integration of fludity in asanas is an important aspect of yoga movement. It allows the joints and spine to become mobile, reduces stiffnes and dryness mentally and physically, increases longevity and allows your inner rasa (juice, essence) to emerge so that life can be enjoyed more harmoniously and joyfully.

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deepaspirit yoga classes will offer you an understanding of how to enter into a true feeling state (Bhava), so that you can begin to feel your body and mind becoming one and allow your asana practice to be enjoyed with a greater degree of inner joy (Sukha) and rhythm.

Often in a class you will hear soft gentle indian classical music playing this will help you to get into a true feeling state and encourage you to play around with how you are feeling as you enter into your practice.

To reserve a place or for further info please call Deepa on 07779 240985 or email deepaspirit

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Testimonals from students

I want to say how special your classes are. I look forward to them every week and wish I could come everyday! Every week you take me on a remarkable journey!

Quite often, your class is the best part of my week. I always find it challenging, but the feeling it gives me afterwards is priceless. I feel so much calmer, peaceful and I always sleep really well.  I've also found it useful at other times, one time when I turned up to class I had hardly slept the night before thinking about a difficult decision I had to make.
You said something that day about existing in the moment and it concentrated my mind about the choice i had. At times your class is not only a welcome respite, but also a space to just 'be', after yoga I find it easy to accept lifes ups and downs.

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